A bridge is a restoration that replaces a missing tooth. The procedure is much like a crown and takes two appointments. The teeth on each side of the space is prepared for a crown. Then an impression is made and then a bridge is fabricated with a pontic (or false tooth) soldered between the two crowns. This custom made appliance is then cemented in place at the seating appointment.




Two types of fillings are used. Light cured composites are fillings done in the anterior or front teeth. These are tooth-colored materials. Amalgam is the material used to fill the posterior or back teeth. This is a very durable material perfect to withstand the chewing pressures of posterior teeth . Composite (tooth-colored fillings) can be done on back teeth however, they are not as durable as amalgam and are more costly due to the amount of time necessary for placement and finishing.




It is usually difficult to find a General Dentist willing to do extractions making it necessary to see an Oral Surgeon.  Dr. Neff will do most extractions with the exception of impacted teeth or a situation in which Dr. Neff determines an Oral Surgeon would be necessary.

Do you have the habit of snacking on food or sipping beverages such as coffee or sodas over extended periods throughout the day? 


It is better to consume a snack or beverage at one sitting and then brush or rinse if possible.  This will help to keep tooth decay to a minimum.

An Ounce of Prevention



A crown is a dental restoration that completely caps or encircles a tooth. When a large portion of a tooth has been lost due to decay or breakage, a much stronger material is necessary to restore the tooth. This is accomplished in two appointments. The first appointment is the preparation and impression and the second, is the seating appointment where the custom made crown is cemented in place.

Help To Prevent Tooth Decay

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